IALP committees are at the core of this most important international organization. The committees of the organization address scientific, educational and professional issues relating to communication disorders from a broad international and multicultural perspective. These various perspectives come together within the committee work of the organization and enrich and extend scientific inquiry and professional practice. The work of the committees is shared through publications, conferences, and as vital components of the triennial congress.
Each of the committees deals with a critical area of study and practice. Some of the committees focus on specific types of communication disorders such as the Aphasia Committee, the Child Language Committee, the Dysphagia Committee, the Fluency Committee, the Motor Speech Disorders Committee, and the Voice Committee or on interventional approaches such as the AAC Committee and the Audiology Committee. Others focus on professional issues such as the Education for Speech Language Pathology Committee, the Educational Committee for Phoniatrics, and the Multilingual Affairs Committee.
Each committee is coordinated by a Committee Chair who is expected to consult with IALP and the committee members on any proposed activities. Each committee member serves for a three year term that can be renewed for an additional term and each committee is comprised of no more than two members from one country. Committee involvement provides a fulfilling context in which to work internationally to advance our science and improve the lives of individuals with communication disorders around the world. Join a committee and get involved.


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Speech Pathology Australia, National Conference

Crown Conference Centre,
Melbourne, Victoria
18 - 21 May 2014

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Dr. Tara Loraine Whitehill       

Faculty of Education
University of Hong Kong
(1958 – 2013)

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27th Congress - Union
of European Phoniatricians

October 2 -5 2014
Moscow, Russia

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Signatory of ICP 2014

International Communication
Project 2014

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Folio Phoniatrica
et Logopaedica

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