The Manuel Garcia Prize


In January 1966, the then Secretary of IALP, J Perelló, announced that he had persuaded the Sandoz firm of Basel in Switzerland to donate a prize of one thousand Swiss Francs to be named after Manuel Garcia (1805-1906), singer, music educator, vocal pedagogue and inventor of the laryngoscope.The prize was to be awarded by the IALP Board for the best article presented in Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica, and was to be bestowed every three years.

Since the early 1990s, funding for the prize has been provided by IALP. The current prize value is 1,000 EUR.


2013 Prize Winner


Genetic Bases of Stuttering: The State of the Art, 2011 S. J.Kraft and E. Yairi


Prize Winners 1968 - 2010

1968  N. Yanagihara, Y. Koike, & H. von Leden
1971  H. Hollien
1974  J. Wendler
1977  B. Wyke
1980  P. Kitzing
1983  H. Hirose
1986  H.K. Schutte
1989  D. Sawyer
1992  T. Hacki
1995  Y. Yoshida, G. Cornut, & M. Bouchayer
1998  J. Logemann
2001  R.D. Kent
2004  E. Vilkman
2007  F. de Jong

2010  D.D. Deliyski, P.P. Petrushev, H.S. Bonilha, T.T. Gerlach, B Martin-Harris, R.E Hillman






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October 2 -5 2014
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